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Create a wonderful coop

If you are planning to build your own chicken coop plan, it is best that you work on a set of tried and tested chicken coop plans. This is much more recommended rather than making it up. If you have a set of plans and some checklists with the required materials, then you can save a lot of money and time.

There are factors that you have to take into consideration before you build one or decide on what the best chicken coop plans you are planning to build. It is vital that you decide considering the number of chickens there will be inside the coop. the coop must have ample space to accommodate the number of chickens you have. This will help your chickens in laying their eggs and keep your chickens in control too. You can start off with two hens until such time that you have them under control. Once you are satisfied and happy in keeping healthy chickens, then you could comfortably keep six chickens without much fuss.

Another thing that you should bear in mind is the size of your backyard. Ensure that your backyard has enough space as to where you can set up your chicken coop. also, it is best that you build a coop that you can easily move it. It is great to have moveable one because the chicken coop is great for your backyard so moving it can allow space of goodness over the yard. More so, this allows the chickens to peck new grass and bugs in your lawn.

A great chicken coop must have access to fresh water conveniently. There are specific requirements that the chook house must meet in order for your chickens to be healthy and lay eggs happily. It is important that you consider the perching, lighting and the nest boxes inside the coop. basically, a six egg layer requires a nine square feet approximately of nesting place.

More so, a chicken coop must have access to food also. You can find food dispensers in stores near you and you can use it for your chickens. There are those that automatically dispense food to the chickens so you won’t have to worry about starving chickens.

A great chicken coop must be secured too. Ensure that the walls are high enough so that predators can’t get in and eat your chickens. Chickens are prone to be eaten by lurking animals nearby so it best that you provide them a coop that is secured from any unwanted visitors.

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