A good chicken coop nesting box doesn’t need to be complicated

We’ve spoken before about the importance of chicken coop nesting boxes. The chicken coop nesting box is where your chickens go to lay their eggs.

As eggs are one of the primary reasons for keeping chickens you need to make sure that they have somewhere comfortable and convenient to lay.

A nesting box doesn’t need to be complicated. In our experience it also doesn’t need to be large. A box which is sufficiently big to house one chicken is preferable because if it is much bigger you will find them trying to lay in the same box together at the same time.

There are all sorts of ways to get a nesting box in your chicken coop. Here’s a couple of videos showing you some of the options.

Video number 2, showing you what happens when more than one chicken try and lay in the same nesting box.

Get started making your own chicken coop nesting box.

And remember unless you’ve only got one chicken you need a number of nesting boxes

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