You can have chooks in suburbia. But learn about chooks and chicken coops first.

If you live in Australia and if you live in the country chances are you have some chooks and a good chicken coop. However there is no reason why anyone in the suburbs cannot keep achicken or 3, except perhaps some limitations on keeping roosters.

So if you’re looking to have some wonderful pets that the kids will love and which will provide you with lots of nutritious and tasty eggs then give some serious thought to getting a chook or 3.

But remember that before you buy your first chickens you need to spend some time learning about keeping chickens and in particular about the right chicken coop for your needs.

Chicken coops come in a range of sizes and designs. The number of chooks that you wish to keep largely governs the size of the coop that you need, but there’s other considerations as well.

How big is the space you have available? Do you need a chicken coop that is big enough to keep the chickens in all day or will you have a separate run for them to free range around in during the day?

Chicken coop
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What is the role of nesting boxes? What should you do about feeding and watering your chooks?

What options do you have when it comes to breeding?

There’s a lot to learn about keeping chooks.

Your options when it comes to chicken housing are basically to build your own chicken coop or to buy one. If you have access to very cheap building materials it may be cheaper to build one, though if you’re buying new it is sometimes more expensive than buying one.

There are some excellent high-quality chicken coops coming out of China right now at prices which mean that for most people with a small flock it’s cheaper (and much quicker and easier) to source a premade chicken house online.

Many of the chook houses that you will see online, and for that matter on occasions in the pet shops, are all available brand-new on eBay at much cheaper prices, and that is always where we look first.

So if you’re thinking of having a few chooks then you’re not alone. Keeping chickens in Australia is becoming very popular. Learn a little about what your requirements are, jump on to Ebay and find a bargain on a chicken coop and get started.

Oh, before you do we suggest you ring the council just so you know what the regulations are about keeping chickens, it’s worth finding out first.

You won’t believe how much fun it is keeping your own flock of chooks. It’s a learning process but it’s a lot of fun once you’re set up with a chook or 3 and a fine chicken coop.

And here’s a good video about the basics of building your own chicken coop.